Trends of the 60’s

If I could select another decade to live in, I think it would have to be the 1960s. In fact, I used to wish I would just wake up and find some magical time warp had occurred while sleeping and I would see all the bright colors from that era waiting in my room.

I guess it started when I stumbled upon a show called The Monkees as a teenager and from there, I fell in love! My affection for the ’80s hairbands melted away and then transferred to these guys singing on my screen.

That said, I’ve discovered some, well, questionable choices people made throughout those turbulent and exciting years. It is tough to believe some of these things were actually considered normal back in the day.

While no decade is perfect, of course, but you might be surprised just how wacky things were when you take this fun walk down memory lane.

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1. You were getting married.


According to Psychology Today, a study done right before the era began revealed that 80% of Americans believed those who wanted to stay single were considered immoral. Those who were anxious to learn about The Lifestyle was more commonplace.

2. The huger the hair, the better!


It seems that many women during this decade were in an unspoken competition to see who could make their hair taller than a skyscraper.

3. Guys with added locks, though, suffered Walt Disney’s wrath.


When guys started growing their hair longer with the hippie movement, Disney made a stand for more traditional values by not allowing any “long-haired weirdos” into his theme parks. The rule was eventually lifted, of course.

4. Babydoll dresses were okay for women of any age.


To be frank, I would not be mad if this one came back in style again. See how cute those sleeves are!

5. Ladies actually wore more on the beach than men.


Nicer young women were supposed to be modest or humble. Men, on the other hand, sported around in short shorts and speedos while catching waves.

6. Kids Halloween costumes could scare you.


JFK was a very brave man to find his little ones amused rather than terrifying! I’d be running out the door.

7. Some toys were also disturbing.

7.Courtesy of Alabama Car Insurance

Would you give things like this to your children these days? They might have given me nightmares!

8. Ordering a “salad” might come with some jello.


It seems like everyone was throwing veggies into their Jell-o molds throughout the swinging sixties. Yum?

9. Your favorite TV shows came on those small, and blurry TV screens.


You could have a choice of perhaps about three channels for your evening entertainment. That is if you could afford one of the super expensive TV sets and then manage to get the screen tuned in by the time your show started.

10. Computers could barely fit into a room


Computer technology was in its infancy, this one being the initial commercial electronic computers which were utilized by the U.S. Navy.

11. Volkswagen vans were, in fact, the coolest way to travel.


Shag carpeting on the inside was completely optional, yet either way, you could count on your buddies being jealous of your groovy auto.

12. A ticket to see the largest band in the world was about $5.


The Beatles and their fellow rocker would sell out arenas to crazy and screaming fans for what seems like pennies compared to today’s costs.

13. Flight attendants indeed had a true flair for style.


Not that today’s helpful crews are much less chic, yet you must admit these sexy outfits had an extra dash of fashion. The passengers also likely dressed up in their Sunday finest for the ride!

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Music band – A Review

images-5Can you imagine a gathering that does not have any music playing at all? Whatever event it is, music is usually a part of it. What differs are the song choice. Music bands are getting more popular these days because of the intensity of fun it brings. Whatever the event is, you can be sure there will be so much enjoyment. Choosing the right band, of course, is imperative before you start expecting tons of great time.

images-6Live music is very much appreciated by many that is why hiring music bands is becoming a fad. You do not have to worry because wherever you are, there is no shortage of good ones in any area. You simply need to consider important factors before you make any decisions. You should have the group you are considering listed so you can check with their availability. You cannot expect the band to be free any time you want them to be. If your choice is something that is really talented and they play good music, you can be sure there are other people wanting to get their service as well.

images-7Also, take note of your venue. You should think about the place these band will be playing at, if they are the right number of musicians to perform. The venue may be bigger and there may just be a couple of them. Another aspect to consider is the type of music they play.  There are versatile bands but there are also musicians who really play the best music because it is their specialty. Whatever gathering it is, your choice should be the perfect band for it. What you are aiming for is everyone’s enjoyment therefore you need to pick the best one there is. If you do, no one will ever forget the party you had.

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Music band for Celebrations

music-band-3When it comes to celebrations, music is something that will never be missing. No matter how small or how huge the gathering is, people will always see to it that there is music playing on the background. Weddings are one of the most fun to attend to, especially when it is time or the reception. Everyone is ready to party, sing and dance along with the rest of the guests. Having a sound system is part of the setup but when it comes to the dancing part, a music band is a must.

images-9There are families that are really born dancers. Whenever they hear music, everyone jumps to their feet and begin their signature moves. Weddings are the best occasions to put on your dance shoes especially if there is a music band playing live. There is so much laughter in a wedding reception and people are very happy whenever they are in the dance floor dancing with their family and friends. This is why brides and grooms place music bands on top of their list.

images-8Finding the right band is necessary to get the type of service you want. Not all bands play the same. Some are really better than the others because they either have the experience or they have musical instruments that are far better than what other band uses. There are other factors you need to consider before making your pick. Just choosing the first group you find out about is not actually a good decision. Remember that this may be your wedding but there are other people who will be there. Consider a group that plays diverse music which can cater to everyone present. This is going to be a very festive event that is why you need to make the right choice and make this a very memorable one.

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